Dienstag, 20. März 2012


ATTENTION CHOOSE YOU'RE SUPPLYER FOR ICOO D90w carefully Today We got the information that the ICOO CLONE already send out to the market, means it is possible that you already have one of the clone in you're hands!! So we just want to warn you to avoid any problems later, WE ONLY SELL THE ORIGINAL, and make sure everytime that we sell the originals, same like zenithink, flytouch 3-4-5-6 whatever, the suppliers try everything to maximize her profit. So they add a lower quality display, lower quality camera, wifi modul, 3G modul and so on you could imagine.! Same happend. Now to the D90W, the display, the wifi modul, and also others parts getting changed to save around 80-120¥. Be pationed in the coming days I will post more informations also pictures about the ICOO "clones" because there is not only one clone ! We just want to warn customers all over the world not gettin cheated by scammers who maximize there profits on customers charge !! We have good knowledge about tablet market and I will promise you the copy ICOO WILL MAKE YOU PROBLEMS !!! ACT SAVE AND ENJOY THE REAL ICOO D90W See ya

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